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Benjamin Blackburn, Esq. Reviews:

“Benjamin blew me away with his thorough and meticulous approach to handling my case. I was happy to compensate him for the hard work he provided. During hearings, he exuded confidence and tact that made me feel like an equal, with all the liberties granted to each American. Benjamin didn’t give me any more rights than I ever had, what he did was acquaint me with these rights while encouraging me as an individual, something the police seem to have sought to suppress over my life. Ben is more than a lawyer, he cares and takes pride in what he does.”

“Great Attorney. Fast respond times and Ideal outcome.”

“Always punctual, organized, direct, informative, and accommodating. Mr. Blackburn had my case dismissed and worked out an arrangement that secured the best opportunity for me to put my life back together. At no time did I ever question if Mr. Blackburn was working to do everything possible to help me. He was also willing to work with me financially. I would recommend their team to anyone who has legal concerns and wants a compassionate team of professionals working for them.”

“Yes I had a legal matter that was very serious and Mr. Blackburn was my savior. I was served a warrant on a Sunday and could not get anyone to help get me out of jail. Then I called Blackburn Betts and it changed my life. Mr. Blackburn answered and was with me the whole time until I got a PR bond and out same day. I hired them on the spot and was treated ethically professionally and honestly every step of the way. I was told what to expect and everything I was told happened and it was not an easy case. I never had to go to court as Mr Blackburn and associates took care of things so I could continue working. I know because of his numerous connections it helped me tremendously. My case was dismissed but I guarantee whatever the outcome Mr. Blackburn will get you the best outcome possible at a fair price. I thank God everyday he was the 1 that answered my call and will forever be grateful to him and his partner Daniel Betts. He is awesome ! And the staff is so nice and you never feel like you are just another client. I hope you never need this firm but if you do make that call. It’s worth your freedom and life!! God Bless them all!!!”
A Satisfied Client

“Ben helped my son on a couple of occasions, getting incredible outcomes. He was always available when we had questions. When my son died in an accident, he helped me through a hard time. He cut his vacation short to attend my son’s memorial. He cares about his clients, very evident he should be your lawyer. Very reasonable on prices too.”

“He’s great attorney, he knows how to work the system to your benefit, my case was dropped with no probation or anything.”

“Mr. Blackburn made sure I was released and my case was taken care of with ease. I was back with my family in no time and my case was dismissed. I do believe Mr. Blackburn and his partner are the best criminal defense attorneys in Austin, TX. Rather guess just hire the firm that,s going to take care of you. Thanks.”

“Shark in the courtroom does exactly what he says he’s going to do. Ben Blackburn is a very compassionate person actually caring about his clients and goes the extra mile. I was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felon in possession of a weapon in September. By December 6th Blackburn had already came back with an offer of a single class A misdemeanor Family Violence no probation no fines no court cost. “Where else are they going do that”?”

“Mr. Blackburn is always honest and will work non stop for you. He saved my life in the Travis county courts and was there for me from beginning to end. Cannot ask for a better defense.”

“I would highly recommend Blackburn and his office. Very professional staff that always kept me updated & informed of court dates. I violated felony probation twice on 2 separate occasions both felony charges and got reinstated both times. The first time I got reinstated the lawyer that was representing me said I was going to prison I fired her and hired Blackburn which was a completely different vibe I felt very confident in court with him he’s well known and respected. My freedom was on the line with serious consequences and he saved my future twice. Hands down he’s the realist attorney in Austin he won’t sugar coat nothing very straight forward & honest If your in serious trouble and want a lawyer that’s worth investing in Blackburn is your guy.”

“Ben and Daniel are the best. I was going through a lot after my divorce. I got a die with my children in the car, that’s a felony. Ben got my felony reduced to a misdemeanor! He caught hard for me. When the DA said no to the deal we wanted, Ben decided to meet with the DA’ s Manager to get the deal we needed. I feel so blessed to have Ben and Daniel on my side.”

“Benjamin Blackburn is prodigious in his knowledge of the Law. From the first moment I met Benjamin he was attentive and patient, he would answer all my questions and he would always call me back if he could not answer me at the moment. His payment plans are reasonable and so are his fees. I personally recommend Benjamin Blackburn to everyone.”

“Mr. Blackburn has represented me on two different occasions. He was very prompt in reacting to the needs of my case in a timely manner. I always found him to be available by phone or email, and made office time to visit with me regarding the details of my case. His knowledge of the judicial system made the process quick and easy. The end result with my case was positive. I was very pleased with his service and dedication to my representation. He is definitely an attorney I would recommend in the future.”

“Mr. Benjamin and his staff were able to help me a lot with my problems and my case. I got arrested for resisting arrest and public intoxication and the police couldn’t prove their case so Mr. Benjamin made them dismiss it! I am so happy the way things worked out. Now I just cannot wait to get my record sealed, thanks Mr. Benjamin!”

“After I first got my DWI, I thought I was completely screwed. Ben got me out of jail quickly before I even had to see a judge. When I met him in his office a few days later he allayed all my fears: he was knowledgeable and his staff was professional, and he seemed to have the track record to back it up. I followed his directions and he got my DWI dismissed and no jail time on a reduced charge! I was ecstatic and will recommend his services to anyone I know caught in the same situation as me. Thanks, Ben!”

“Benjamin Blackburn is one Lawyer that is never afraid to take a case to trial. Many lawyers’ after taking your money will advise you to take a plea bargain. I was charged with DWI. I know I was innocent of this charge. The first lawyer I hired after taking my money advised me to accept a DWI conviction with 20 days jail sentence, license suspension and consequential $3000 fees to DPS. I refused this plea offer . I then hired Benjamin Blackburn and the prosecutor not pleased with the fact that I refused his offer negotiated with the previous lawyer, filed a new charge of reckless driving in addition to the DWI. Benjamin Blackburn took the case to trial and the DWI charge was dismissed. On the reckless driving charge, I had differed Adjudication with a probation sentence. I am very pleased with his performance.”

“I am very pleased with Mr. Blackburn’s services. I hired him to get me out of jail when I was arrested on a DWI. His fee was very reasonable and was willing to work with me if I needed him to. Ben was always there to answer any questions or concerns that i might have had about my case. He is very hard working he would always return my calls whether it be 6 in the evening or 10 at night. Benjamin did a great job on my case and in a fairly quick amount of time. I took about six months for him to finish my case he ended up getting my DWI dropped down to an Obstruction of a Highway. I recommend him to anyone who seeks a great defense attorney.”

“I’ve worked with Mr. Daniel Betts on more than one occasion. He has had every single one of my cases dismissed. All cases with very damaging consequences, but with Blackburn Betts representing me, they found me justice and peace of mind for my future. The cost of your freedom is priceless so don’t let that scare you away, they worked With me in installments so that may be an option.”

“Mr. Betts and Mr. Blackburn are the best criminal attorneys in Austin Texas. Their swift, efficient in the law and cut no corners when it comes to their clients. I was beyond ecstatic with the out come of my case because I had results in record time. If you want the best,put yours or your loved ones cases in their hands I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I thank you gentleman for getting me home to my family.”

“Benjamin Blackburn is a great attorney. He handled a case for me in 2012 & got it dismissed. He also handled my recent case in 2017 & got it dismissed. I didn’t even have to show up to court. Very quick. Very efficient. I would strongly recommend him as an attorney. He definitely knows what he is doing!!!!”

“To put it simply, the best of the best point blank.”

“I highly recommend the defense attorneys of Blackburn Betts PLLC. Throughout the years they have provided terrific guidance for the Austin community, defended Austinites’ rights, and bring top notch experience to the court room. I have recommended friends and colleagues to contact them in the past, and I highly recommend them in the future in a criminal defense-type capacity.”

“Best criminal defense attorneys in Central Texas, hands down.”

“Honest people.”

“Ben Blackburn has practiced law for several years in Austin and is very experienced.”

“Ben Blackburn and his team does not playing around, they go above and beyond to make sure you are pleased and are aware of what’s going on they don’t leave you in the dark which is a big plus with most criminal defense attorneys. I highly recommend him and his team if you are in search of a criminal defense attorney I promise you will not be disappointed.”

“They got my charges dropped thank God for these very skilled and reliable attorney’s.”

“Always professional. Very reliable and judgment saved my life. Thank you Benjamin Blackburn.”

“I highly recommend Attorney Benjamin Blackburn and his associate’s. They are extremely intelligent and they show compassion towards their clients.”

“Best criminal defense you can find, at a reasonable price. I believe that they care about every client, and work hard for the best outcome in every case.”

Daniel W. Betts, Esq. Reviews:

“Mr. Betts and his partner Mr. Blackburn were awesome as were the whole firm. I needed help on a serious matter and got that help on a Sunday no less. They got me out of jail and then represented me throughout my process. My case was dismissed and I never even had to show up for court as they were able to keep my time free for me to work. I can’t express enough about their professionalism, integrity, honesty about my situation. Can’t give enough praise for them and believe me they have connections in the system because of their past professional handling of cases. You tell me how many lawyers answer the phone on a Sunday on the 1st ring and get to the jail asap. That’s an advantage they have because their office is 1 block away. Hope you never need a lawyer but if you do they are a blessing. And I give thanks to them for allowing my life back. God Bless them all at Blackburn Betts!!”
A Satisfied Client

“There could not be a more happier client than myself. Mr. Betts approached me in court and in a matter of days my case was closed and dismissed. I appreciate him for his professionalism and also believing in his client. He used his expertise to get my case dismissed and I thank him for that. I do believe Mr. Betts is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Metroplex area.”

“Daniel Betts is not only a great lawyer but a great person too. He was really easy to get along with and got my DWI charge dismissed in a timely manner.”

“Mr. Daniel Betts represented me on 3 separate cases, which he had all dismissed. He allowed me to continue my life and enjoy my freedom which is priceless. Not only did do a remarkable job on my cases, their office worked with me financially which was half the stress.

Don’t trust anyone else with your freedom but Blackburn Betts.”

“Exceptional, effective, and sincerely compassionate team of professionals. I would recommend them to my family and loved ones without hesitation. They were able to help me get some very serious charges dismissed, kept their word entirely and even assisted me after the case was over. Worth the money and more importantly they will go above and beyond to defend you.”

“Daniel has been extremely attentive and professional, as well as communicated with me during my entire process. He definitely has his clients best interest in mind and deals with you with integrity and honesty. I highly recommend both Daniel and Ben. The firm provides a realistic all inclusive rate, that includes going to court.”

“Daniel Betts is an excellent choice for representation in the often tricky criminal court system. he represented me and continues to advise me in a friendly, easy to understand manner. I would recommend him or Benjamin for life’s incidents in the unpleasant and bewildering world of the legal system. He really went to work and got a far quicker and more favorable outcome than I was expecting from the process. Top notch guy to boot.”