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Despite his blood alcohol level being the same as Bluto’s grade point average in Animal House, Larry Davis spent a night in jail and waited over a year for hisRead More

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A defense lawyer in Texas says federal immigration agents detained one of his clients as he appeared for a routine court date on two misdemeanor charges.Read More

Days after Donald Trump was elected president, the mayor of this unabashedly liberal Texas capital reassured the vast majority of immigrants here illegally that he would try to keep the city aRead More

Officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested a man suspected of being in the U.S. illegally on Friday at the Travis County Courthouse, a judge tells KVUE and AustinRead More

A few hours after immigration officials took the rare step of arresting an immigrant at a Travis County courthouse, a network of taxpayer-funded attorneys advised its members that it had twoRead More

To Austin attorney Daniel Betts, driving while intoxicated can sometimes be what he calls “an opinion crime.” Law enforcement must decide, sometimes within only a matter of minutes, whether aRead More

Juan Coronilla-Guerrero promised deportation to Mexico would kill him and it did. On Sept. 12, four armed men burst into a house in San Luis de la Paz in centralRead More

Juan Coronilla-Guerrero’s wife warned a federal judge this spring that her husband would be killed if the U.S. government followed through with his deportation. Her prediction came true last week.Read More

Federal agents on Friday arrested an immigrant suspected of being in the country illegally at Travis County’s courthouse in what appears to be a new tactic by immigration officials. DefenseRead More

A man deported from the U.S. after being arrested at the Travis Country Courthouse by ICE was killed by Mexican drug cartels, according to the man’s defense attorney. Juan Carlos Coronilla-Guerrero, 27,Read More

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